Style is substance redefined

The essence of timelessness serves as the inspiration for the masterpieces that will add to your home’s grandeur. Giving a new definition to functionality, these exquisite creations are substance and refined sensibilities gently moulded into ceramic. At the heart of this collection full of inspired creations is the belief that luxury was not written, but sculpted into a sensory experience combining different arts to provide an unforgettable amalgamation of stunning beauty and functionality. This collection is truly a sight to behold, radiating pure abstraction and satisfying every desire exponentially. Thoughtfully crafted for lavish moments of solitude, Queo’s Style collection brings together the art of today’s stalwarts in design to create one curated experience.


Water Closets

Comfort stylized into a work of art


Chic and elegant for everyday bliss


Powerful shapes characteristic of a bold vision


Fluid geometries that never go out of style

Concealed cisterns

Stylish flair that stays out of sight


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