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Born out of true love for opulence and beauty, Queo's European Bath Lounges are meticulously designed to reinvent what a luxurious bath space experience truly means.

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Our Story

Europe expresses and celebrates art like no other. It is the birthplace of modern aesthetics. Queo represents the best that European culture has offered to the world - the diligence, the detail and the intricacy, and the thinking behind it. Europe's rigorous tradition of sublime aesthetics and attention to indulgence has left its mark on Queo. Designed by geniuses seeped in modern European design philosophy, Queo is how you can leave an indelible mark of a continent and its rich history in your private space. No wonder we call them bath lounges and nothing less.

luxurious bathroom accessories

Our Vision

Queo is at the intersection of melding craftsmanship with sophisticated technology and elegant forms, thereby elevating the entire luxury bath space experience in India. As much as the European designers inspire the designs at Queo, our vision is to cater to the well travelled consumer who aspires to experience extravagance and opulence in his bath space.

luxurious bathroom accessories

Product Philosophy

Queo's greatest legacy has always been the creative heritage that each of our master designers brings to our collection. It is an ensemble of inspired creations that range from dramatic shapes to opulent curves and from hi-tech functions to classic looks.

Technology is moving beyond day to day chores to now reacting, anticipating, and responding to what consumers desire and how they want it. Today, smart bathrooms are very much a reality and we pride ourselves in being one of the first Indian companies to promote technologically able bathing spaces. What we have achieved and plan on doing so in the future is a direct response to what our customers want.

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Evolution of Bath Spaces

The bathroom has metamorphosed from a place of function to a wellness centre. Spa, lounge, fitness, and so are just some of the newly found rituals. In a way, the bath space has become the haven for attaining well-being. How we address this new-age need is simply by paying close attention to the new normal which has brought with it, its own challenges for mankind. We, at Queo, recognize that self-care has become paramount as we embark on the journey to make Bath lounges; modern sanctuaries to create a sense of well-being.

luxury bathroom designs


Oki Sato is a Japanese designer and architect. He is the head of the design office “Nendo”. His wide range of work includes product design, interior design, architecture and graphic design. Under the direction of architect Oki Sato, the group that gathers under the name “Nendo” has represented, since 2002, a cultured and refined alternative to self-design. Elegant, modern, subtle, and playful, the epitome of contemporary design that is also setting the tone for design’s future in the global scene.

luxury bathroom designs


Architect And Designer, He was born in Nepi, 10 Km from Civita Castellana. He founded his studio in Rome after he graduated from “La Sapienza” University In 1982. Since 2000 he has his own design studio. He won several prizes, like ‘The Design Plus 2003’ and 2 recommendations for the “ Compasso d’Oro” In 2003 And 2004 (Adi Design Index).

luxury bathroom designs


Fabrizio Batoni was born in Colle di Val d’Elsa and he graduated in architecture at Florence University. Studio Batoni is an architecture and design studio that was founded by him in 1997. His skills, range from product design to interior architecture. The driving force of his design is the desire to create interesting form and drama keeping an eye to the needs of man and the environment that surrounds it.

luxury bathroom designs


His multidisciplinary design studio makes sure his work is a holistic marvel ranging from product design to technological products, interior and graphic design. He has designed the F-Fiordo series for Queo, inspired by fiords, where the sea water enters a coastal area deep into the land. This results in unique asymmetrical flow to the water, giving it a modern twist.

luxury bathroom designs


Architect and designer, Alessandro Veralli was born on the Maggiore Lake in 1971 in Italy. He started his Architectural studies at the Politecnico of Milan where he first received his master degree. His working career took him back to his homeland where he designed and oversaw the construction of a variety of project. His design career shifted from architecture to product design in 2008. He is known for clean and simple design he has the brilliant ability to draw people mind and eyes to them.

luxury bathroom designs


The aesthetics of the F-Misura come alive in the inspirations and ideas of our Italian maestro, . He has completed a degree in Industrial Design at the University of Rome. And you can see this rigorous design background in each of his pieces.

luxury bathroom designs


Born in Chioggia, Venice In 1952, is graduate in the ceramics industry, and a renowned industrial designer based in Venice specializing in ceramics. He has won four gold medals at the Faenza International Ceramic Competition and two Design Plus awards at ISH Frankfurt. For Bullo, the product must be an extension of the company’s soul and consistent with the markets in which it is competing.

luxury bathroom designs


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