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Why is Queo’s Automated Electronic Water Closet a masterpiece of art technology?

Queo’s Automated Electronic Water Closet, offers unmatched style with the latest technology. Experience the best in class with one-touch rear cleansing, adjustable water direction, pressure, temperature and an oscillating function. Some more attractive features include an LED indicator panel, rear cleansing nozzle, feminine cleansing nozzle, sensory seat cover and many more. A masterpiece of art and technology, Queo is the water closet of tomorrow, brought to you today.

What is Queo SmarTap?

The Queo SmarTap system gives you full control with a smartphone app, voice commands via Amazon Echo, Google Assistant or manual digital controllers. Queo Smartap’s technology manifests itself in pure luxury and comfort. Enjoy a perfect flow of water, at the exact right temperature, sustained throughout your shower. You can even auto-fill the bath. Integrate Queo SmarTap into your washroom & create the first and only complete smart bathing experience.

Why is Queo known as the pinnacle of luxury?

If your existing bathroom décor doesn’t reflect the image you just visualized, then perhaps it’s time to reassess your surroundings and call for a complete bathroom makeover with QUEO designer bathroom accessories to experience the pinnacle of luxury and a masterpiece of European indulgence. QUEO’s range of luxurious bathroom accessories is enough to transform your bathrooms into grandeur within your budget. By upgrading small details like your showerheads, water closets, bidets, faucets, etc., you can swiftly elevate the look and feel of your bathroom.

Who are the designers involved in designing Queo products?

All the designers involved in designing Queo products are renowned all over the world. The design gurus expounded their ideas here and showcase the finest material. The list of designers are as follows:

  • Romano Adolini – Architect And Designer.
  • Antonio Bullo – Born in Chioggia, Venice In 1952, is a graduate in the ceramics industry, and a renowned industrial designer based in Venice specializing in ceramics.
  • Giancarlo – graduated with honours from La Sapienza. In 2002 he began his professional career by exploring various subjects of design.
  • Chiara Valeri – sculptor whose long and chequered career, is highlighted by numerous prizes like the prestigious Federico Motta for Sculpture.
  • Oki Sato – Japanese designer and architect.
  • Alessandro Veralli – Architect and designer.

What is the Art of Bathing book?

This book is an overview of how our products exemplify these principles in the modern bathroom. Designed by acclaimed European designers and manufactured in Italy, Queo products pair the best European concepts with modernity and employ the finest-quality materials to create what we call ‘bath lounges’.

What are the products under the F-Mosaico Oro range?

The products that come under the F-Mosaico Oro range are as follows:

F-Mosaico Oro is handcrafted faucet, has unique cascade waterfall and having joystick cartridge for smooth operation.

  • Single Lever Basin Mixer (Gold Finish) – F-Mosaico Oro
  • Single Lever Basin Mixer – F-Mosaico Oro
  • Single Lever Bath & Shower Mixer for Concealed Installation – F Mosaico Oro
  • Wall Mounted Spout – F-Mosaico Oro

What is the customer care number?

Our comprehensive service is there for you 6 days a week (Mon-Sat) from 10 am to 6 pm. Contact us at 1800 103 3300 or alternatively, you can register your complaint on Customer Selfcare portal at

What are the features of the Semi-Recessed Wash Basin?

The cradle of the arts, the birthplace of modern aesthetics, that’s where Queo is made. The features of the Semi-Recessed Wash Basin are stunning and attractive:

  • Under counter installation
  • Overflow outlet
  • Hygienic
  • Modern
  • Unique design with sharp cuts and contours for a Bold & Sophisticated Look

What is the price list of Bryn range?

Europe’s rigorous tradition of sublime aesthetics and attention to indulgence makes it the perfect home for Queo. The price list of different products under the Bryn range are as follows:

  • Semi-Recessed Wash Basin – Bryn – ₹ 13895/-
  • Wall Mounted Water Closet – Bryn – ₹ 13640/-
  • Under Counter Wash Basin – Bryn – ₹ 6605/-
  • WM EWC BRYN Neo Rimfree – ₹ 13640/-
  • WM EWC BRYN Neo with Integrated Jet – ₹ 13990/-
  • Pillar Cock – Bryn- ₹ 3200/-
  • Pillar Cock Tall – Bryn – ₹ 4500/-
  • Bib Cock with Wall Flange – Bryn – ₹ 2800/-
  • Bib Cock- 2 way with Wall Flange- Bryn – ₹ 3600/-
  • Wall Mounted Bath Spout – Bryn – ₹ 2800/-
  • WM Bath Spout with Tipton – Bryn – ₹ 3200/-
  • S/L Basin Mixer- Bryn – ₹ 6200/-
  • S/L Tall Basin Mixer- Bryn – ₹ 8000/-
  • Sink Mixer with Swivel (Wall Mounted) – Bryn – ₹ 6900/-
  • Sink Mixer with Swivel (Deck Mounted) – Bryn – ₹ 7900/-
  • Conc. B&S Mixer Plate & Tipton – Bryn – ₹ 3190/-
  • Exp.Part Kit of S/L WM Basin Mixex – Bryn – ₹ 4700/-
  • Exp.Part Kit of WM Basin Tap – Bryn – ₹ 3500/-

How is Chromo Shower 3-function different from the rest of F-Acqua?

Chromo Shower 3-function is different from the rest of F-Acqua. Chromo Shower 3-function is Chromotherapy, combined with relaxing showers, offers comfort at its best. Select showers from a range of Rain, Cascade, and Mist to soak yourself in the pleasures of water. Enhanced comfort comes with convenience as you operate everything at the touch of a remote.

What are all the products in the Ceiling Shower range?

The shower head is no just a water inlet, it is also a major element of design that adorns the wall and ceiling of a bathroom. The range of products in Ceiling Shower are as follows:

  • Ceiling Rain Shower 610 x 610 mm – Chryseum Collection
  • Chromo Shower (Chromo Therapy) – F-Acqua Grand
  • F-Acqua Grand
  • Shower – F-Acqua Pura
  • Chromo Shower (Chromotherapy) – F-Acqua Pura

How are Bidets different from our competitors in the market?

Queo’s range of luxury bathroom products includes sophisticated luxury bidets, which are highly ergonomic in nature. When it comes to bathrooms and toilets, bidets surely have been there for long but Queo has tweaked its concept, adding it to the set of luxurious items.

Get fresh and clean while being in comfort along with our trendy, diverse and classy bidets. Apart from cleaning one’s self, it also embellishes your bathroom. To be precise, it sums up the whole of your washroom’s decor while giving it an elegant look. These splendid pieces of artwork are specially designed by our ingenious architects, for leading a healthy and good hygienic lifestyle.

What is a free-standing basin?

Ans: Free-standing basin unique collection of bowls that adds equally unique dimensions to the contours of your bathroom. The freestanding basin is basins that are installed directly on a floor and , giving you the freedom to install them anywhere in your bathroom as you desire.

What is the concept for the F-Courbe range?

Renowned Japanese designer-cum-architect, and founder of design house Nendo, Oki Sato created the F-Courbe line of Sanitaryware. For the F-Courbe collection of sanitaryware, Sato has engineered a winding design never seen before in ceramics. Courbe is French for ‘curve’, and it is the radical curve that envelopes the various elements of the collection. The creations in this range celebrate innovation and ingenuity with an artistic distortion of form. He has further flourished the masterpieces with sleek metallic finishes. The free-standing washbasin in the series is an elegant object with an intriguing shape and strong personality defining the vibe of the surrounding space. In tandem with the aesthetic of the basins are the water closets in the line, which are also accentuated with a similar design, making them ideal for both classically styled and contemporary interiors.

What is the concept for the F-Misure range?

A two-part series, F-Misura consists of a range of faucets and a line of sanitaryware. Soft lines and curves shape every creation in the F-Misura Faucet collection—tipping of Bullo’s hat to Queo’s commitment to sophisticated aesthetics and focus on minimalism through his use of craftsmanship and chrome-plating. The exquisite range comprises single-levered fittings for concealed or exposed installations, which include basin mixers, bath and shower mixers and four-way diverters. To further elevate its design, Queo has earmarked multiple new finishes for the creations and the process of Automated Disposition which keeps the colours intact. They are now available in a choice of chrome, chrome black, dark brushed nickel, matte black, matte white and gold variants and look right at home in the most stylish bathrooms.

What is the concept for the Le Forme range?

The Italian architect-cum-designer’s Le Forme collection for Queo is a beautiful homage to sand dunes. Motivated by the ridges sculpted by winds in a desert, Batoni designed every creation in the collection with meticulous contouring to mimic that image and adapt ceramic to the organically inspired idea. Through Le Forme, Batoni strays away from clean liner lines by introducing the geometry of concentric circles that appear as ceramic grooves on water closets, bidets and over-the-counter basins. The craftsmanship is elegant and timeless, giving the bath space a stunning, luxurious centrepiece. Queo has additionally experimented with new shades in the creations by introducing understated matte colours.

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