Translate Hotel Bathing Experience For Your Homes

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a lot of us may choose to check in a hotel or resort for a luxury lounging, bed, and bath. Some stay-aways boast of giving a complete bathing and lounging experience in their stunning bathrooms.

We pick inspirations from the stunning designs of bathrooms of these stay-aways. But before venturing into buying similar or inspired product line for your space, it is the design approach that should be first looked into. Products are your personal taste and you will always get something better, but the design approach can truly translate your style into reality.

  1. Color and materials matter – Top designers who design high-end residences and five-star hotels have indicated that the light, warm colors used in upscale hotels are perfect for residential baths. Proper color schemes can make even ordinary look better. For your bathroom, it means pastel shades, white or monochromatic themes which will immediately give your bathrooms a spacious look. Right bathroom products for such themes would be white in color and chrome finished when it comes to faucets and showers. If attention needs to be brought to faucets, then gold finish can be an apt fit.
  2. Lose the clutter – Create the hotel spa look, in part, by emphasizing uncluttered lines. Preferred elements would be square and under counter sinks, a soaking tub and a separate shower with frameless glass. For such a light look, one can look into Lavabo design for under counter basin and a wall mounted closet of Flavia design by Queo.
  3. Light it up – Natural light is an important part of the high-end spa and hotel bath experience. A large size window or a rimless glass facade in the external of your bathroom can work wonders. Bathtub overlooking this fixture is a pure luxury experience.
  4. Focus on four – Emulating a hotel bath at home requires a minimum four-fixture design: water closet, shower,  two sinks and faucets with a vanity if preferred. A tub is a completely personal choice but if your space allows, then go for freestanding bathtubs like Zinnia range by Queo. Because cleanliness is so important in a hotel bath, one must go for wall-hung toilets in residences as well.
  5. Water therapy – One would extremely interested in the multi-function Chromo Shower experience found in resort hotels and spas.  For clients who want the ultimate showering experience with multiple heads and settings, we can recommend  F Aqua Pura which comes with rain, cascade and mist functions. Enhanced comfort comes with convenience as you operate everything at the touch of a remote.

Taken together, these five elements provide homeowners with a place to feel pampered at the end of the day. Master baths have become people’s retreats. It’s their own getaway.


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