The most innovative things happening with Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Current trends in bathroom accessories design reflect customers’ inclination towards spa-like luxuries and smart innovations. They look for style, cutting-edge technology, and luxury of the bathroom while choosing the bathroom accessories. Bathrooms are often considered to be the least appealing rooms of the house. Queo brings to you the most innovative luxury bathroom accessories to make for […]

Modern Urinoirs

Despite being a necessity, Urinoirs are the most ignored element of the bathroom. In fact, urinoirs are one of the integral items representing a washroom. It is a basic necessity in a commercial space, offices, warehouses and factories, malls, cafes, restaurants, schools or community halls. Urinoirs are an ideal way to save on space and increase […]

Everything you need to know about European Water Closet

Your bathroom consist of not only closed walls but many fixtures and fittings called sanitary ware. Sanitary ware is a wide term that covers many components of the bathroom. The increasing living standards of Indians demand for high quality, sleek and contemporary sanitary ware. Sanitary ware manufacturers and designers have come forth with latest technologies and newest […]

Know more about Trending Digital Showers!

When you wake up in the morning, you find that things are not in your control. The weather, the traffic, the broken coffee machine, etc., make you feel helpless and low. What you can control is your morning shower! Are you finding it to be a joke? Let us surprise you! The world is going […]

Tips to make Your Bathroom Look Classy!

Imagine the decadent and relaxing feeling of warm bubble baths and rain shower baths against your skin. Now, what do you see when you open your eyes? If your existing bathroom décor doesn’t reflect the image you just visualized, then perhaps it’s time to reassess your surroundings and call for a complete bathroom makeover with […]