What are the advantages of voice control?

Innovation and evolution have followed man since the beginning of time. Sometimes in the efforts to replicate the many perks given by nature or others to outdo them. Even then, very few have come close enough to provide society with something that is at par with the delicate sensational experiences.

The contemporary showers by Queo facilitated by smarTap are a tour de force of engineering, ergonomics, and modern art providing one with the exquisite relief of water splashing on the body as though out in the majestic waterfalls.

The minimalist design is incorporated with an intuitive digital voice control shower that makes the water flow better and even goes as far as enhancing its rejuvenating properties. The smart tap showers evoke the joys of showering, soaking in the mist, splashing around in rain, or even standing under the cascading waterfall.

You can change the landscape of your private sanctuary or transform your bath into your centre-stage with SmarTap that provides a variety of ways to experience water.

The new-age concept of showering through voice control showers elevates the experience of your daily routine. These technological innovations bring to the table a luxurious experience with just a command.

The Overview

The SmarTap learns about your shower preferences, and with intuitive control, recreates the best shower possible so you can enjoy a spa-like experience at home with Queo’s SmarTap.

The warm-up mode will create the ideal temperature controlled shower for you. The bath, once synchronized with your personal preferences, makes the simple act of showering immensely satisfying. Controlled by a smartphone app with voice commands, Queo’s SmarTap is like no other. Moreover, if you weren’t a shower person before this, SmarTap will definitely change your mind. Taking an indulgent bath will become your favourite thing to do after you install this product. What’s more, its size makes it ideal for small bathrooms!

Futuristic technological pairing

From dynamic temperature control based on the weather outside, setting up a morning sequence, to learning your habits, moods, and preferences, this SmarTap does it all. Queo SmarTap lets you define countless bathing scenarios for a wholesome experience. The Queo SmarTap system gives you full control with a smartphone app, voice commands via Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, or manual digital controllers. You can even auto-fill the bath. Hot, cold, quick, relaxing, the SmarTap app lets you define countless bathing scenarios tailored to your preferences, each one with a personal user profile.

The wholesome experience

A futureproof approach to bathing, Queo SmarTap gives you a perfect flow of water, at the exact right temperature, sustained throughout your shower. It even goes as far as creating an ambiance of relaxation with your favorite music and the perfect shower scenario.

A holistic solution

Simple daily tasks may be a challenge for some seniors. Queo SmarTap can identify bathing patterns and send warnings if there is a deviation from these patterns. Queo SmarTap also allows you to protect your loved ones, particularly children, by limiting the maximum temperature during bathing to prevent any risk of scalding.

A lasting impression

The SmarTap app can even learn from your guest’s choices and patterns and recreate the most favored shower scenarios at every visit. The shower gets better and better over time with over-the-air (OTA) software updates. Let your individuality take over and choose from smart tap showers that marry aesthetic elegance with technical brilliance.

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