Ways to blend in the wellness quotient into an artistic bathroom

Our bath spaces are truly a sanctuary where we pamper ourselves. Just the feeling of having a room where you can easily stretch out, soak in, and relax for a while can instantly revive your spirits. And in this fast-paced life where you work so hard to have that extra edge of lifestyle, that daily burnout is evident which makes taking out time to unwind the stresses of everyday life, a necessity.

To encompass a wider and more personal approach towards the most private space, people are turning their bathrooms into a wellness zone to reaffirm to themselves that self-care is a necessity. Tapping on this insight, Queo has introduced some unique artistic designs that not only declutter your mind to accentuate the impression of wellness in your bath space but also give it an artistic dimension.

Here are a few ways to blend in the wellness quotient into an artistic bathroom.

1) Add double water closets for a more personal and intimate experience

Having your porcelain in your most private space is no less than a dream. It not only ensures a personal space but also elevates the wellness aspect of your artistic bathroom by taking the hygienic aspect to the next level. Moreover, owning one wall-mounted water closet per person allows each to customize the space to their taste and provide you with enough space to incorporate the elements of art for a visual appeal.

2) Cover an entire wall with green plants for a serene environment

The bright green hue is a joyful juxtaposition against the neutral palette of your bathroom walls and an elegant white-coloured freestanding bath tub. It’s a creative way to bring the serenity of nature into your bath space, thereby rejuvenating your senses like no other. You can cover an entire wall with plants in a tapestry-like style, create a smaller-framed green portrait, fill a shelf-covered wall by draping plants, or even just with wall-mounted planters.

3) Infuse dual wash basins for taking the wellness aspect a notch higher

Installing double over-the-counter wash basins top the charts for couples when they think of giving their bathroom an artistic makeover while keeping the wellness aspect in mind. Due to their hectic lifestyle, the idea of having two sinks not only allows them to have access to the bathroom at the same time but also delves into the delight of a more personalized experience. Having your vanity means you can keep your makeup, moisturizer, and other accessories without having your partner knock anything over.

4) Use ivory lights for a relaxing retreat to your senses

Blending in ivory lights to illuminate your bath space not only adds to intensify the glamour but also sways a warm and relaxing appeal to your mind and soul. The dual benefit has led to the popularity of overhead lighting as it gives the space a sharp, clean look. So, if you’re looking for an amalgamation of glamour and wellness in your bath space, the usage of ivory lights is a must!

5) Install a wooden shelf with wellness accessories for utmost comfort

Sink into the pinnacle of comfort by installing a wooden shelf filled with wellness accessories comprising hand and face towels, moisturizers, bathing oil, and small plants, and uplift your wellness quotient along with giving your bath space an elegant look. It makes your bathroom look functional while making it a sight to behold by permeating elegance.

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