The Importance of Soft Lines and Curved Edges in Your Bath Space

They say that there are only a few problems in life that a warm bath cannot pacify. After all, who does not crave a few moments of solace after a draining day at work? Here, comes the utility of a relaxing yet functional bathroom. However, today, apart from serving their glaring purposes of reinvigorating you in the mornings and easing you up at nights, bath spaces have become synonymous with peacefulness and tranquility.

Bathroom Trends in Recent Times

Bathrooms have undergone a colossal makeover in the last decade. From terracotta flooring, hidden cabinets, and concealed cisterns to ditching the conventional hues for the bright pinks and the bold grey, the bath spaces have seen numerous changes in trends in recent times. Soft lines with curved edges are one such trend which is quite in vogue these days. These beauties impart a classic yet luxurious touch to your bath space.

The Utility of Soft Lines and Curved Edges in Your Bath Space

Apart from turning your bath spaces from a plain jane bathroom to your everyday luxurious getaway, there are a number of other reasons why you would want to make fittings with soft lines and curved edges a part of your bath space.


1. It lends a calm and relaxing feel to your bath space

Your bath space is your personal escape from the tension and strain of our daily lives.

Science has proved that humans are conditioned to prefer rounded objects over their sharper counterparts. The fovea centralis in our brains take less effort to process objects with curved edges. Hence, bathroom fittings and accessories with curved edges and soft lines are not only a treat to the eyes, but they also create a serene environment in your bathroom which sends a message to your brain and body to ease up and relax.

Tip: If you wish to create a calmer atmosphere by including soft lines in your bathrooms without completely revamping your bath space, try replacing your conventional taps with soft line faucets and you would be amazed at the results.

2. Optimize your existing bath space

Bathroom fittings with curved edges help in saving up space in your bath spaces. Due to their compact design, these create an illusion of a bigger bathroom. 

Moreover, the unnecessary surfaces in accessories with sharp edges garner a lot of dust and dirt. This nuisance is eliminated in fittings with soft lines and curved edges. They provide a lot of surface area which makes them a lot more functional as well as easier to clean up.

3. Safety of your loved ones

The absence of sharp edges in the bathroom is especially critical if you have kids or older parents at home who are liable to accidentally bump into these. The soft line fittings with curved edges ensure the safety of your loved ones by the banishment of sharp rims and surfaces from your bath space.

4. Turn your bath space into a timeless classic

The fittings and accessories impart flair to the bathroom. Bath fittings with curved edges and soft lines give off a luxurious appearance and emanate sophistication. They make your bath space look immaculate and are also wonderful if you are looking forward to a neat and minimalist bath space.

Revamp Your Bath Space with F-Misura

Soft lines and curved edges are the salient features of F-Misura which are the latest gem crafted thoughtfully for modern bathrooms. From basins, wall-mounted water closets, and bidets to elegant faucets in striking hues of black, gold, and matte white, F-Misura is aimed at upgrading the look and feel of your bathrooms along with making better use of your available bath space. The pieces have undergone a process of Automated Disposition which makes the colour of these fittings vibrant as well as long-lasting. A perfect amalgamation of style, opulence, and functionality, F-Misura is a must-have element in your bathrooms.

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