Technology at the Heart of Luxurious Bathroom Masterpieces

While technology seems to be spreading over, engulfing all aspects of our lives into it, why should our bathrooms be devoid of the luxury it brings along? The world seems to be undergoing a technical revolution where we are constantly experiencing massive shifts in nearly all aspects around us. Bath spaces, in this entire revolution, are not left behind for they are moulding into revitalizing experiences. Traditional bathrooms that focused on the physical aspects of cleansing are moving towards an overall cleansing and refreshment of the mind, body and soul. In a world where mental well-being is the need of the situation, these products enable you to move one step closer to peace.
So dive right into indulgence, your body deserves rejuvenation at its best. These products are designed with an artistic vision and imaginative use of technology that translates luxury in a way your body can decipher it well.

La Musique

La Musique Showerhead Speaker

Let your pours soak in music along with every droplet of water that lands on the surface of your body. La Musique is a rain shower head with an inbuilt speaker system that lets you groove to your playlist while you shower. The Bluetooth enabled showerhead lends you the freedom to connect it with a wide range of devices so your experience remains unmatched. The speaker also enables you to take calls and comes with an inbuilt dual microphone noise reduction feature that lets the person on the other side hear you better. La Musique comes across as a revolution, combining music and bathing, both modes of rejuvenation, making it a one of a kind experience. Feel your skin and soul sparkle at the end of your shower, you are sure to walk out a new person after every bath!

F- Automode

F-Automode Floor Mounted Water Closet

Bringing together hygiene, comfort and luxury, Queo’s Automode, an automated electronic water closet brings to you everything you always dreamt of, for your ideal bathroom. It comes with a comfy seat cover cushion, a self-cleaning nozzle, and a dryer outlet to ensure hygiene and maintenance. You can now personalize your experience according to your individual needs with the adjustable water direction, pressure, temperature and an oscillating function. The water closet offers unparalleled use of the latest technology for superior comfort, bringing you the best and even more in superlative degrees.

F- ITouch

F-iTouch Remote Thermostat Divertor

How wonderful would it be if you could begin your day in a tropical rainforest, with the slight warmth of raindrops massaging every nerve of your body, or if you could bathe in a waterfall, let the flow energize you or what if you could indulge in a therapeutic spa treatment that heals you with the intricacy of the perfect pressure point stimulation. Well now, all this and more is possible with just a touch. Queo’s i touch brings to you the liberty of bathing in an altogether new environment each day and customization is only a touch away. You can now choose from variations including a rainfall function, a body jet function, a cascade waterfall function and even a mist and a hand shower function! A touch can now lead you to discover peace and calmness like never before.

The future is on its way to your bath space, ready?

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