Luxury Bathroom Quotient With White & Geometric Designs

Are you looking to renovate your bathroom into a luxury space that matches with the rest of your beautiful house? To help you with the process, we have some fine bathroom design ideas that are bound to transform your bathroom into a luxurious haven. Read on and get inspired!

Neutral color schemes and pastel shades for the walls and the flooring not only make your bathroom look spacious but also bring a calming effect and pack plenty of panache giving your bath space a peaceful and mature look.

A glass facade that lets you enjoy the external view and the skyscape is helpful in letting ample of natural light enter your bathroom and also generating an air of serenity.

It is very important to make sure that the sanitary products in your bathroom complement the look and feel of the overall decor along with providing the necessary functionality. Go with all whites when selecting your bathware as they would surely help in creating a monochromatic masterpiece! An Over the counter basin sits on top of a vanity or a bench and if it has a minimal and elegant design, it can hero a bathroom or powder room. The perfect accompaniment to that would be a frameless mirror with a built-in storage space, a great example of minimalism and high functionality. A wall hung bidet and water closet with soft shapes and thin lines like the ones shown in the image are a mark of sophistication and luxury and a treat to the eye. A free-standing bathtub can change the ball-game of your bathroom design, thereby letting you retreat into your own private getaway.

This bathroom tends towards a more modern and entirely minimalist style. The products and design of this bathroom give it a relaxing atmosphere that will make any bath time feel like a treatment.

Queo’s F-Morwen range of bathware crafted with perfection by European designer Romano Adolini offers all the above mentioned products that support your every fine indulgence.

This series takes its name from its distinctive feature, the inclination. Geometric planes intersect at aesthetically pleasing angles to bring alive the angularity that symbolizes modern design. Protruding directly from the wall at an angle of 138 degrees, the F-Morwen series can be characterized by the square shapes, rounded corners and thin profile lines that alter the perception of space while maintaining reduced dimensions. It is the perfect choice for those who have a taste for neo-modernistic designs.


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