How to Design a Truly Luxurious Bathroom

Bathrooms are spaces where we rejuvenate, revive and renew ourselves before beginning a new day of our life. These spaces and the first experience we have in the day, determine and dictate how the rest of our day is going to be like. Considering the essential role that bathrooms play in determining our mood for the day and defining our overall quality of life, these spaces must then be every bit perfect.
Here are some of the points to consider when one intends on designing a truly luxurious bathroom.


The most important factor that comes into play while designing bathroom spaces, or for that matter, any spaces is the amount of comfort you experience in that place. As bathrooms are our places to relax and unwind, being comfortable is the first and foremost thing to consider. One must begin with listing out elements that make us feel comfortable, try to incorporate them into the layout. Taking that as a guideline, the rest of the things can be added in. This way, one can begin the process of designing a truly luxurious bathroom.

Style and Design

After the area of comfort is taken into consideration and the basic elements that lend a comfortable feel to the space have been listed out, they then need to be incorporated well into the style and design. One must look out for options for styling and designing of the bathroom based on personal preferences. Playing around with textures, fabrics, and materials can be a lot of fun especially when it ends up with you possessing a bathroom you can truly be proud of.

Choosing the Right Products

The quality of products used in a bathroom can essentially make or break the look and the feel of the space. You can instantly level up your style quotient by adding products with the latest technological advancements in your bathroom. Queo’s range of bath ware and bathroom products becomes the absolute essentials and the ideal products to help you revamp your bathroom and turn your everyday bath routine into a truly luxurious experience.

All About Experience

When designing a luxurious bath space, one must put out experience as the final destination and design a path that leads to it. A comfortable and a luxurious bathroom is not the one that is just a cluster of products. It is rather, a well-defined, well-styled space that has been designed by taking your needs into consideration and the one that delivers you an amazing, rejuvenating bath time.


Personalization is the key to getting the most out of your bathroom. Your bathroom must be designed in a way that it reflects your personality and soothes your soul when you walk into it. Queo makes personalization easier than ever before. For instance, a music enthusiast can opt for the La Musique shower head, a person who loves nature and all things natural can opt for a showerhead that delivers the experience of bathing in a tropical rainforest.

So, put on your thinking caps, get creative and design a space that would refresh you and get you started for the day in absolutely positive spirits!

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