Hidden is Good When it Comes to Bathrooms

During the course of construction of a house, we make sure that the bricks along with other materials that make up a wall are hidden by a layer of paint. Electrical wires are made sure to be neatly arranged and covered with proper coverings. Lately, we have started hiding our lights and fans beneath false ceilings, why then do we ignore our bathrooms?
If your bathroom still displays the things that are better kept away from sight, your bathroom desperately needs a makeover.
Just like the working of our body is concealed beneath the layer of our skin, when it peels off (ouch!), we immediately run to get it covered up. You need to rush to get some pieces of equipment in your bathroom immediately covered up because some things are best kept hidden. Following are some of the alternatives that you could go for, customized for you only by Queo.

Wall Mounted Water Closet

Queo offers you luxury along with a hint of sophistication. It helps you enjoy all the best features without the hassle. You get to keep all the good things and the workings are hidden, kept beyond sight.
wall mounted water closet spells out luxury like no other. It serves its purpose better than all its counterparts but doesn’t let it show. It is just the perfect addition to your perfect bathroom.

Hidden Cistern

Queo also brings to you an excellent range of hidden cisterns so you lead your way to hygiene in style. A loaded, heavy looking machinery installed in the bathroom adds up to the weight and takes away the relaxation part from the bathroom. If one wants to relax and unwind in a bath space, hidden installations like the hidden cistern by Queo is the perfect addition.

Wall Mounted Basin Mixer

Gone are the days of installing basin mixers with all the connectors and pipes visible. More than not looking visually attractive, that set up was more unhygienic in many ways. With Queo, you need not worry about living with the old technology. You can get a wall mounted basin mixer to take away all your worries and you can make your bathroom look way more attractive than it ever was.

Roof Mounted Shower

Showers act as the most attractive pieces of a bathroom. A good shower can instantly light up and add up the entire look and the feel of a bathroom while a visibly unattractive shower can also take away the sheen of a rather good bath space. To let go of this problem, Queo gets you roof mounted showers so you only get to enjoy a good bath and you can be kept away from the hassle that comes along with the external shower heads.

So, these are a few alternatives that you can go for instead of opting for installments that are entirely external because workings are better concealed, but the functionality, satisfaction and the results are not going to be concealed for sure!


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