Create the vintage charm in your bath space with the F-Florette collection

What if your bathroom possessed the power to transport you back in time where you could sink into the old world charm but still enjoy all the latest advancements? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, Queo, living up to the enormous standards that it has created for itself has yet again raised the bar in the sphere of luxury bathware. It has entirely redefined what luxury could mean and has always delivered more than we can even imagine.

Queo brings to you the absolutely mesmerising F-Florette collection that is sure to bring back the vintage charm to your bathroom. You can now immerse yourself into serenity and rediscover what it is like to be treated as royalty.

Designed intricately with floral patterns inspired by nature, this range of bathware is bound to take you not only closer to nature but most importantly, closer to your own self. The F-Florette basins have mesmerizing patterns which are created using a specific technique. These patterns give out immense positive vibes and would surely help to calm you down. In this everyday tussle for survival, you ought to treat yourself to something so delicate and calming as the F-Florette collection.

The ceramic basins from this collection come ready with floral patterns textured on them with faint, pastel colors that create an aura of serenity around wherever they are placed. You can experience a therapeutic rejuvenation experience in your very own bathroom, right in the comfort of your home. Experience luxury like never before, Queo is right at your service to introduce you to the fresh forms of indulgence.

The F-Florette basins come in distinct shapes and sizes so as to suit the individual requirements of your bath space. Choose from the round and the rectangolos. Queo has got just the right product to complement the overall look, feel and the decor of your home. Turn your own bathroom into a spa where you relax, unwind and recollect yourself. So tarry no more, this is your chance to transform your bath space and with it, transform your life. Bring in a dash of positivity and calmness into your everyday routine. Wake up to flowers in your bathroom and recreate those flowers throughout the day with your actions. The F-Florette collection is waiting to transform your world and waiting to immerse you in a pool of luxury, when are you taking it home? Check out the F-Florette collection by Queo now and get your brand new, luxurious life started right away because once you get this marvelous collection added to your bath space, there is absolutely no going back. Shop now!

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