Break the monotony in your bathroom with the bold twists and curves of the F-Courbe collection

Are you thinking of giving a makeover to your bathroom? Do you wish to possess a bathroom that sets you apart from the crowd and leaves everyone awestruck when they take a glance at your bath space? Do you also want to make your bathroom your most favourite space in your entire house? You’re at just the right place, friend, your search ends here. You can now be ready to embrace an altogether new lifestyle because Queo brings to you the perfect products for your ideal bath space that will be nothing like you have ever owned before. Queo believes not just in creating bathroom installations but pieces of art that serve their purpose in an even better manner along with adding a sense of style to the bath space.

The newest addition to the collection of luxury bath ware is the F-Courbe which indeed is a Twist of Intelligence. The collection is called ‘Courbe’ which is the French word for ‘Curve’. The entire collection displays a range of dramatic curves that will introduce a lot of character into your bath space. The dramatically twisted elements of the F-Courbe collection are bound to drastically twist the entire appearance of your bathroom and is sure to make it look many folds more interesting. The collection features a wash basin that resembles a ribbon roll, a water closet that carries forward the curvy drama, mechanically bent faucets, basin mixers, paper holders, robe hooks, toilet brush holders and more. This essentially translates to the fact that there will always be more to discover in your bathroom once you unite it with the F-Courbe collection.

Apart from being immensely absorbed with character and personality, the collection is also crafted keeping in mind its quality as well as durability. The basinswater closets and the like are molded using the best quality ceramic material. The basin mixers, faucets, robe hooks, and similar products are crafted out of high-grade chrome pipes that help in enhancing the overall look and quality of the products.

It wouldn’t be wrong to describe the F-Courbe collection as poetry. It is constructed with great skill and technique, and as distinct as each element looks, when set up together, they go perfectly in sync with each other. The collection is more than just bath ware, it is an extension of the twists and turns that are a part of our everyday realities. They are pieces of art that describe more than what words can ever say. The best part of it all is that you can wake up every morning to witness this art right in the comfort of your home. So tarry no more, bring home the collection, bring home the art now!

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