Add a dash of drama in your Luxury Bathroom with the Le Forme collection

The best patterns, textures, and designs ever created are not the ones made by man but the ones that have been constructed with the steady touch of nature. No matter how hard man tries, the perfection that nature delivers in its work remains unmatched. What if we could bring this touch of nature into our homes and lend them the organic, beautiful natural feel? With Queo, it is now possible to bring home the magic of natural patterns and textures. Le Forme, the matte collection by Queo helps you create an organic space for yourself where you can dive into luxury and walk out a refreshed soul.

The Le Forme collection is carved out essentially to bring in the outdoors, to introduce the natural in the interiors. The collection is not constructed but sculpted. The ceramic range mimics the image of the sand dunes that are sculpted naturally by the wind. This is done to embrace the naturally created structures and to introduce an organic feel to any space.

The Le Forme collection lives up to its name and expands its dimensions into the domain of forms. It works on the sculpting of the bath ware and is sure to introduce drama into your bath space in great quantities. What adds the cherry on this beautifully formed cake is that the collection comes in matte colors which have the power to enhance every curve and crevice of any surface. Considering the fact that the collection is inspired from the naturally formed lines on the sand dunes, it possesses a lot of geometrically monitored sculpting which can only be expressed in the presence of matte colors.

The range has been put together with great intricacy, considering every aspect that affects its look, feel and finish. The colors available hold the power of blending gracefully into every space. They can also work really well as the centerpieces for your bathroom and lift up the aura of your bath space in its entirety.

Fabrizio Batoni, the designer of the collection has put to display his masterful craftsmanship and designed the collection taking cues from the most exceptional creator- nature. The range gets you one more step closer to redefining your standards of assessing luxury. You can now dive into splendor each morning and lead a life shining with grandeur. The glorious replication of sand dunes will instantly introduce nature and natural aspects of your life. You can feel your soul relax with every sight of this glorious bath ware that will be sparkling in your bathroom as its main attraction. So look up for the collection now, pick out the pieces that you wish to transform your bathroom with and upgrade your lifestyle for the better.

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