Bathroom Cleaning Hacks from the Experts

We generally spend a considerable amount of time in our bathroom. It gives you some me-time where you can relax and be worry-free. Therefore, a sparkling clean bathroom adds an extra spoon of cream to it. But we all know that our bathroom loses its sparkling effects with time and makes it look dull and dirty. Let’s learn some bathroom cleaning hacks from the experts at Hindware that will help our bathroom tap, bathtubs and limescale free taps to maintain a shiny and clean look. 

Here are some of the hacks which are easy to try and do it yourself:


Bleaching is one of the essential ingredients when you consider bathroom cleaning. Whether you mix it water or use it vital, always use cold water to make the solution. Hot water makes bleach ineffective to do the work it is supposed to do by cleaning and removing impurities.

Washing Powder:

Try cleaning the bath right away after it is soaked for some time because once the bath oils or bubbles dried up, it becomes difficult to remove these stains. You may use the biological washing powder to clean your bathtub if it is dirty. Fill it with warm water and washing powder solution and leave it overnight. Rinse it in the morning.

No Foamy Cleaner:

To keep the bathroom floor clean, you can use an antibacterial wipe every other day. It is advisable not to use any foamy floor cleaner, which creates a residual on the surface that creates a light effect on the floor. It makes the floor look dirty and gives a tinted look on it. If the floor is sparkling white, then it provides a positive feeling in the bathroom. Who knows, you may spend some extra quality time inside?

Vinegar and Water Solution:

It is vital to keep all the limescale at bay. Taps surfaces are very delicate; you may lose the texture if you use an abrasive cleaner to clean your taps or bathroom taps. The easiest way to remove the scale is to wrap it with a cloth for a couple of hours, dipped in a water and vinegar solution. Then wash it with water after pulling the fabric. It will give a clean tap with a shiny effect.

Whitening Toothpaste:

Also, you may use whitening toothpaste to remove all the scales and dirt’s that have piled up on the tap for a long time now. Put an amount of toothpaste on the brush and scrub it that will help to remove the crust deposited on and around the tap. It allows the bath tap to look clean and descale all the dirt on it.


To keep your bathroom clean, do follow the above-given steps. You will fall in love with your bathroom again. Also, a clean washroom helps all the bacteria and virus stay away, and it does not affect anyone at home. These tips are pretty helpful when you want your bathroom to look clean and healthy away from all virus, bacteria and germs.

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