Understated opulence transformed into an unforgettable experience

Feel the extravagance of crafted contours and fluid designs as Queo’s world renowned designers transform your most private space into a work of art. From shapes inspired by nature to forms that reflect the minimalism of the future, these masterpieces make your everyday living a style statement for others to follow. Indulge in the best of European craftsmanship with our trendsetting designers like Antonio Bullo, Franco & Chiara Valeri, Romano Adolini, Oki Sato, and Fabrizio Batoni, among others.


Water Closets

Form and function. Made fashionable.


Minimalist elegance for complete convenience


Striking outlines for an out-of-this-world experience


Inspired innovation for luxurious relaxation

Bath Tub

A stylish delight for rejuvenating the senses


Fluid, soothing shapes for an immersive experience


Antonio Bullo
Antonio Bullo
  • Antonio Bullo
  • F-Elegant
  • Masterpiece of Minimalism
Alessandro Paolelli
Alessandro Paolelli
  • Alessandro Paolelli
  • F-Misura
  • Smooth, Stark, Modern
Chiara Valeri
Chiara Valeri
  • Chiara Valeri
  • F-Concept
  • Crafted in soft Shape
Oki Sato
Oki Sato
  • Oki Sato
  • F-Courbe
  • A Twist of Indulgence
Romano Adolini
Romano Adolini
  • Romano Adolini
  • F-Morwen
  • Angled To Perfection
Paolo Zani
Paolo Zani
  • Paolo Zani
  • F-Fiordo
  • Inspired By Fiords
Fabrizio Batoni
Fabrizio Batoni
  • Fabrizio Batoni
  • Le Forme
  • The Shape of Drama
Lorenzo Damiani
Lorenzo Damiani
  • Lorenzo Damiani
  • F-Automode


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