Ways to give your bath space an artistic and intimate touch

A bathroom is that corner of your home where you relax and pamper yourself. This is the reason that most of us feel so pleasant and comfortable in our bath spaces. We are slowly turning them into home spas coveted with contemporary lines and soft curves to delve ourselves into the delight of blissful solitude.

Believe it or not, bath spaces are usually the most highlighted areas within a house and are a perfect place to make your design fantasies a reality. Incorporating art into your bath niches can take you to the pinnacle of luxury without digging a hole in your pocket.

It’s time to give in to the allure of Queo’s eclectic styles and collections that soothes your senses as well as satisfies the artist in you. From colour palettes to wallpapers, soft fixtures and fittings to opulent bathtubs, the luxurious masterpieces transform your most private space into a work of art and make your everyday living a style statement for others to follow.

Here are some of the ways in which you give your bath space an artistic and intimate touch. 

Hang Canvas Art In Your Bath Space

An artistic bathroom is incomplete without an artistic wall painting. It promotes serenity and calmness and would be perfect for your bathroom that is long overdue for a style update. Adding bathroom art embodies the idea of luxury, and creates a sense of thoughtfulness and elegance, turning your bathroom from a purely functional space to something that evokes the comforts of heaven. You can go for a cohesive artwork, or if you aspire for a cozy look, you can go for an architectural art painting or maybe something more vintage in taste. 

Install Luxurious Freestanding Bathtubs

If you want to design an artistic bathroom that expresses opulence and luxury, then its central focus must be on a premium bathtub that stands out from the clutter. Designed to entice lavishness and to inspire awe in the eyes of the beholder, you can opt for a freestanding bathtub of Queo’s Zinnia Collection to soak into the delight of unmatched bliss. However, the F-Novella freestanding bathtub is inspired by nature to reflect the minimalism of the future and is crafted for deep soaking and unparalleled relaxation thereby making it an essential for your artistic bathroom.

Infuse Nature-Inspired Wall Art For A Serene Look

Blend a hint of drama into your bath space by installing wall art that is inspired by nature. It gives brightness to your walls and soothes your senses by immersing you into the tranquility of nature. If you want to bask in the ultimate artistic beauty, add opulent texture to your walls as it creates depth and brings your bath space to life. Your choice of art crafted on the walls can elevate your bathroom experience and can take you to the pinnacle of blissful solitude. 

Expose Natural Light To Set The Tone

If you want to experience the extravagance of an artistic bathroom, it’s very important to have a lot of natural light into your bath space. Not only does it feel like the ultimate opulence, but natural light can lead to an improved sense of well-being. In the evening, you can consider decorating your bath space with scented candles to give it an intimate touch, thereby evoking a sense of splendor & luxury.

Play With Dark, Saturated Patterns

Bath spaces are the perfect place to unleash your creativity. This serene space provides an opportunity to break away and experiment. One can certainly add bold colours or dark, saturated colours without being afraid of creating an area that might be a little out of their comfort zone and to experience luxury in a new light by creating never-before-seen-spaces.

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