Premium Washbasins; The Smooth Side Of Sophistication

Relaxation, that’s the first word that comes to one’s mind whenever one thinks of their bathrooms. That’s the place you connect with yourself, get the much-needed break. But with the changing times, the feelings attached to the bathrooms have also changed. Now, they are seen as a symbol of your status and aesthetics because that’s the one thing your guests do see whenever they visit.

Turn your functional washrooms into the vision of luxury and sophistication

Premium basins add convenience and utility to our everyday rituals and this convenience, when elevated to the level of art, becomes a sight to behold. The seamless shapes, the flowing outlines and a host of other features make Queo’s basins a joy to experience simply due to their sheer beauty and matchless appeal. Crafted in various aesthetic collections, these premium basin ranges are a must have in any elite bath space.

Leave a fine impression on people with exquisitely designed basins that have state-of-the-art designs and that tend to elevate the look of your bathroom by ten folds. Functionality and fashion all in one piece, Queo Bathrooms is one of the most reliable wash basin brands in India that take your bathrooms to the smooth side of sophistication. That said, you have a wide range of premium basins to select from when it comes to modern washbasin designs.

How To Choose A Bathroom Wash Basin?

The right wash basin for your bath space will largely depend on the layout of your existing bathroom. Take these few things into consideration while choosing:

●      The size of your bath space.

●      The location of other fixtures like your shower and toilet.

●      The location of your existing basin plumbing.

●      How you would want your sink to look.

●      Functionality centric design

Ideal Material For a Wash basin


One of the most common and reliable materials is ceramic including fireclay ceramics and vitreous china.

Ceramic sinks are popular as they can be molded into modern designs and are quite convenient when it comes to maintaining them.

Solid Surface:

These are quite easily distinguishable due to their lack of seams and clean lines. Yet again these types have a modern, minimalist look and are easier to clean.

Metal Finishes

Basins are also constructed using metals like stainless steel and aluminum. They deliver striking finishes that look great when creating a modern bath space. However, it comes with some need for extra care to continue looking their best.

Types of Modern Wash basin:

Inspired by the modern European design philosophy, Queo has developed good looking wash basin designs that will leave an unforgettable impression on every household. If you are considering buying a modern wash basin in India, then you have landed at the right place.

The following are types of wash basins that you can go for depending on your taste and bath style.

  • Wash Basin With Pedestal
  • Under Counter Basin
  • Free Standing Basin
  • Semi Recessed Wash Basins
  • Wall Hung Wash Basin
  • Over The Counter Basin
  • Insert Wash Basin

Don’t know which one will suit your bathroom the best? Follow the link below and welcome the bath sophistication to your home.

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