Different Shower Options for Experiential Bathing

When looking for shower options, one must look for the one that offers the most customization options so that the experience derived could truly be a personalized one. A shower is a very personal activity and it must be designed in a way that it suits the needs and requirements of an individual. While some people enjoy refreshing cold showers, others like to relax in warm showers. Some might like full flow jet showers while others might be into mist showers.

Queo offers a variety of showers to choose from. You now possess the liberty to alter your bathing experience as per your individual needs. You can enjoy a customized, tailor-made bath experience made to perfectly complement your preferences.
Listed below are a few options that Queo offers in order to make your luxury bathroom the perfect bathroom for you.

Wall Showers

Relive your childhood fantasies with Queo’s amazing range of wall showers. Feel like you’re bathing in a water park and get refreshed and rejuvenated after every bath. Experience the varied water flow varieties available including body jet flow, mist/ hand shower flow and more. Customize the shower according to your personal needs, set the water flow and the temperature to your liking and you’re all set to get into the most relaxing showering experience.


A waterfall is one amazing natural phenomenon that has a refreshing impact. Who doesn’t fantasize bathing in a waterfall every day? Sounds like it is too good to be true? Well, not anymore! Queo brings you a great range of waterfall showers so you can enjoy an exotic bathing experience every day of the week.
But that’s not it, there’s more. You can enjoy a waterfall in all its diversity. You can access a cascade waterfall right in the comfort of your home, it is bound to be a therapeutic experience. You can further customize the experience by controlling the amount of water pouring out of each nozzle along with the style of water flow. You can further your personalization experience by possessing control over the exact temperature of the water falling over the surface of your body.

Overhead Showers

Bathing in the rain is one joy that everyone deserves. The thrill that we feel when the raindrops seep into our senses and tingle the soul and the amazing feeling that soothes the senses is what one wishes to come back home to and Queo has made this fantasy come true with its exquisite range of overhead showers.
You can now come back home to enjoy a rain shower every day. Equipped with the rain function flow, showers by Queo let you discover luxury bathing in an altogether new light.


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