Inspirational ways to take your bathroom art quotient a notch higher

Your bathroom is a space that is always confined to functionality, and blending art into your bath space creates a sense of thoughtfulness and beauty, thereby turning it from a purely functional space into an extravagant delight to accentuate your senses. This is the reason that most people are transforming their bath spaces into a work of art to delve themselves into the joy of aesthetics. 

From soft fixtures and fittings to soothing color palettes and mosaic wallpapers, people are opting for several ways to add an artistic and intimate touch to their bath space. And the hustle to amp up the bathroom art quotient continues, with a pursuit to make their most private space a sight to behold.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to take your bathroom art quotient a notch higher.

  1. Hang an abstract wall painting with vibrant hues

An abstract wall painting is a must-have when it comes to swaying an artistic muse into your bath space. The vibrant colors, forms, and textures of abstract art stimulate creativity and imagination, thereby enhancing the mood and attracting a lavish vigor. If you combine the intricacy of bright colors with a dark minimalistic backdrop, it will radiate the true idea of indulgence where premiumness is experienced in a new light.

2)  Add plants to evoke the simplicity of nature

If you love tropical interiors and dream of merging some of the naturistic vibes into your bath space, look no further than a plant-filled bathroom. Winding down and enjoying a bath amongst plants lets you experience unparalleled relaxation and takes your art quotient to a new level. You can use the floor, stools, walls, and any other space to add plants and blend the stunning beauty of nature into your bath space.

3) Dangle pendant lights for a sparkling shine

 Accommodating a pendant light in your bath space enhances its aesthetics and are a work of art on their own. Moreover, pendant lights are excellent at illuminating specific areas of any space, and dangling them above a freestanding bath tub submerges you into the enticing lavishness of a relaxing bath and allows you to give in to the delicate sensations of water.

4) Install an illuminated round-shaped mirror to radiate charm 

If you want to add a charming personality to your bath space and elevate its premiumness, adding an illuminated round-shaped mirror is a perfect solution. It not only gives an opulent appeal to your bath space, but also make it look more modern with a serene outlook. To further elevate the glamour, you can add ring lights that will brighten up your bathroom and give it a premium dimension.

5) Play with monochromatic patterns to add elegance

Let your bathroom sway an elegant vibe by adding monochromatic colors to the walls. It reflects the minimalism of the future and redefines the contours of your bath space by complementing the vibrant hues that you have infused to give an artistic touch. Not only does it amp up the bathroom art quotient, but also makes it look more classy and appealing.

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