Experience our Design Philosophy of the F-Misura Collection

Cherish the breathtaking beauty with world-class craft. Queo is stunned again in this elegant, marvelous collection of the F-Misura. It embodies glory, visual poetry, and priceless treasure, which create the identity of this collection.

 The pursuit of an exceptional bathroom envelops all parts of bathroom design, right from wall and floor tiles, to the doors and knobs, to the sanitary product and the lighting. Everyone wants to hop on the latest trends of bathroom tap designs that reflect European style. 

Before finalizing designs for your bathroom, you need to be acquainted with certain principles regarding luxurious bathrooms, which will be environment friendly too. Below mentioned principles will make your guests rub their eyes when they enter your bathroom. 

Let’s learn these principles from our professional bathroom designing experts:- 

1.   Benefits and services: People get discouraged by viewing designer basins images on Pinterest more often than not. Because they realize they don’t have high-end bathroom products in their bathroom. Wait! Don’t worry. I recommend incorporating deluxe linens such as soft towels and rugs, which will provide exquisite touch to your bathroom. Do contemplate adding beauty and skincare products that make you feel indulged. 

2.   Standards of material – You have to keep in mind that all high-end bathrooms use premium materials. Experts generally recommend using granite or quartz and apply it on walls as well as on the countertop. Another premium material you can consider for the bathroom comprises marble, brass, travertine tile, crystal or gold plated fixtures.

3.   Design it – If you want to receive endless compliments from your guests, ensure to find a reputable company that will provide luxury single lever basin mixer gold platted. You would need someone who has years of expertise and knowledge. A vital aspect of a high-end bathroom is crafting an area that appears feast for the eyes. Only an experienced person can assist you in choosing the right thing that amalgamates beauty, art, and inspiration. 

4.   Don’t compress it – Generally, people try to shorten the bathroom into compact spaces which appear dull and overcrowded. We should ensure not cramming everything right from a separate shower, twin boxes, toilet, and bidet. Free some space! Try to combine a bath and shower in one and go for a separate bath and shower only if you have a good amount of space available in your house. Don’t forget that your guests require some space to properly stand and move around in it so that it appears spacious. Keep in mind that the bathroom is a space of the house that needs to be calm and significant, but it will feel like ocean waves if it is overcrowded with bathroom products

Conclusion: Are you in the course of setting up a bathroom from scratch or redesign the existing one into a brand new bathroom? If you adore contemporary ideas reflected in every model and every curve. F-Misura is “the one” for you that is “beautiful and unique as a snowflake.” 

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